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Free bridge credit audit

Bridge Credit Solutions Won’t Claim Your Trust

We earn it. That’s the Bridge Difference™.

The Credit Crisis Explained In 30 Seconds

For years, consumers who searched the internet for answers about their credit reports, credit bureau disputes, credit repair companies, and collection accounts have been deceived.

The credit blogs encouraging you to submit disputes and pay collection settlements are discreetly paid off by the credit bureaus, who have worked hard to misrepresent your rights during the dispute process.

Review websites that “unbiasedly” promote credit repair services are secretly owned by credit repair companies.

The biggest credit repair companies are owned by one of the credit bureaus.

Collection agencies harass you with predatory tactics to recover a record of bad debt that has already been settled with the creditor you borrowed from.

This massive deception is a huge conflict of interest that could cost you and your credit report.

That’s why we founded Bridge Credit Solutions. Guaranteed credit repair to bridge you with a financial future that is built for you.

Book your free Bridge Credit Audit to regain control of your credit report and experience the Bridge Difference™.

Your Bridge to financial freedom

Introducing The Free Bridge Credit Audit 

Imagine what is possible for your financial future when you regain control of what is on your credit report. Now with the free Bridge Credit Audit, you can step into that reality.

During your free Bridge Credit Audit, our credit and finance experts will walk you through a step-by-step credit repair plan. You will finally be on the bridge to a financial future built for you.

Understand Your Credit History
Clarify Your Credit Accounts
Discover Your Credit Potential
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The Bridge Difference™ vs “Trusted Leaders” of Credit Repair

Our Free Bridge Credit Audit Sets A Higher Standard For You

Bridge Credit Solutions
FREE In-Depth Credit Audit
30-minute strategic credit audit to create a step-by-step credit repair action plan. No credit card is required.
Detailed Credit Report From All 3 Bureaus
An easy-to-read credit report including every detail we need to verify for credit repair.
Credit Scores From All 3 Bureaus
Yes, full transparency because your credit scores can vary by 50+ points. Yikes.
Consult with a Credit and Finance Expert
Learn from seasoned underwriters who know what it takes to get your next pre-approval. 
Guarantee To Remove Negative Items
Identify what can be removed from your credit report. This is the key to a reliable credit repair plan backed by guaranteed results.
Free bridge credit audit
"Trusted Leaders"
“First Work Fee” To Receive Anything
5-minute bait and switch tactic to get your credit card information and then disappoint you with their pricing.
Credit Summary From 1 Bureau
An unclear list of potentially negative items from Transunion with no account details.
Credit Score From 1 Bureau
Inflated score from Transunion with no detailed explanation for score factors.
Online, Computer Generated Bot Results
Generic dispute advice, unrelated credit repair suggestions, and no support.
Empty Promises to Boost Credit Score
Vague gestures about increasing your Transunion credit score. Boosting your credit score isn’t enough for pre-approvals.
Free bridge credit audit
Free bridge credit audit
The Peace of Mind You Deserve

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the free Bridge Credit Audit really free?
Will this create an inquiry on my credit report or lower my credit score?
Are your credit and finance experts just salespeople with fancy titles?
Why do I have to book a free Bridge Credit Audit? 
How is this different from other free online credit assessments?

“For the first time, someone told me the truth!”

I am embarrassed to say I wasted $11,000 at two repair companies before. All I saw was the money leaving my account—with few results to show for it. When I grew tired of throwing away money I didn’t have, I found Bridge Credit Solutions. They told me the truth upfront: this will take time. But they also didn’t ask for any monthly fees, made an exact list of the things they would remove from my report, and promised my money back if they couldn’t remove them. We are now 4 months later, and my credit score is up 92 points! Thank you!

Saved for clients in overpayments, higher interest rates, and unsubstantiated fees
Average increase in points on clients’credit scores after 6-9 months

Originated in new loans and credit lines for our newly financially free clients

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