Guaranteed credit repair

Get your life back, or your money back

We get you financially independent in 4 proven steps:

Listen to your journey and needs

Remove negatives from your report

Boost your credit score the legal way

Secure favorable long-term loans

OUR Mission

Life After Debt


Beyond freeing you from bad credit, growing debt, and loan denials, we advocate for, and guide you to, total financial empowerment. Through guaranteed credit repair and strategic loan programs, we build a bridge to your lifelong, self-sufficient future.

See Why We're Trusted Nationwide

The first rule of business is to take care of your customers no matter what. We're proud to say we've had thousands of successful credit repairs across the country.

Credit matters for everything that matters to you:

Home Ownership

From mortgage rates to leasing approval, good credit gets you in the door.

Car Dreams

Want the best deal?
Lower financing cost? Good credit puts you in the driver’s seat.

Business Ambitions

From startup loans to credit lines—when you have good credit, you’re in business.

Career Opportunities

Employers use reports for hiring, positions, and offers. Good credit works for you.

The Bureaus Must Play Fair

In 1970, the US government enacted the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), regulating how consumer credit data is stored and used by the big three bureaus. The act was designed to ensure your data is accurate, fair, and private.

It’s Your Right To Dispute

80% of all credit reports have errors. If you disagree with any item on your report, you can demand that the bureau verify the info. When they can’t, they are legally bound to remove such items from your report. This is the basis for all credit repair.

There’s No Magic Potion

It sounds simple because it is. No one has a monopoly on credit repair. It’s just a matter of hard work, diligent research, knowing how to phrase disputes, and doing all the paperwork. If you’re willing to sweat, you can do it yourself.

The Bridge difference

“The definition of [financial] insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting a different result.”

— Albert Einstein

Other Credit Repairs
Sale comes first
From the first moment, you are hooked on their monthly fee
Half-true promises
Many changes take more than 90 days, at which point, their money-back guarantee is invalid
Lost in a big pile
You’re just a number, not knowing if and when your report will actually be repaired
Limited to repair
Part of a cookie-cutter model without the ability to take you further
Bridge Credit Solutions
Truth above all
Before you pay us a penny, we agree on what you’re getting
Results or your money back
If we don’t remove items we promised, we refund your original payment
Dedicated 1:1 support
Work with an individual strategist who holds your hand while you trust the process
A bridge to tomorrow
Grow with the help of expert debt strategists, credit strategists, and freedom strategists

What To Expect From Our Process

The Bridge Difference

Your dedicated credit strategist reviews your credit report with you, prepares an in-depth analysis, and sets an action plan to dispute:

  • Identity Theft
  • Collections
  • Charge Offs
  • Repossessions
  • Foreclosures
  • Late Payments
  • Judgments
  • Tax Liens
  • Hard Inquiries
  • Data Discrepancies
  • Bankruptcies
credit repair audit

Repair. Restore. Rebuild.™

Enjoy 24/7to your portal where you can track our dispute progress and updated credit report every 30 days. All while we:

  • Prepare custom letters to dispute derogatory items on your report
  • Respond in time to all bureau communications
  • Interface with software and credit bureaus
  • Our team of experts will repair and restore your credit
credit repair and tracking

Your Bridge to Financial Freedom

While changes to your credit report can take some time, relief from debt and bills can be rapid. Lean on our experts for advice on:

  • How to maintain the most strategic credit balances
  • The smartest way to achieve a healthy mix of credit types
  • Secured credit card offers to help boost your credit score
  • How to leverage various potential offers from financial institutions
  • We're experts at brokering personal and business loans
personal financial guidence

Life After Debt®

Others stop at repair. To us, that’s when your future begins. We help you fund that future responsibly and with the right plan:

  • Debt consolidation, settlement and/or removal
  • Conventional bank loans at single-digit interest rates
  • 0% APR personal credit cards
  • Business and startup loans
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