Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I begin?
What is included in the Free Credit Audit?

A Bridge Credit Strategist will go over your report with you in detail. You will gain an understanding in how your scores are calculated, which accounts are negative and need to be removed, and what accounts are reflecting positively on your report. Your Strategist will also educate you on the nature of your negative items. (Hard Inquiries, Derogatories, Late Payments, Charge-Offs, Collections, Judgements, Etc.) Once  you are enrolled as a Bridge Client, you will receive an in-depth Credit Audit Report via email, along with helpful tips to maintain a healthy credit score.

Why is there no mention of pricing on the website?

Bridge Credit Solutions doesn't utilize a one size fits all  model. Each credit repair job presents its own unique set of challenges. Depending on the nature of the repair, we utilize a  pay per delete model, or a monthly rate model.  At the end of your Free Credit Audit, your Credit Strategist will go over pricing for your repair, and our 100% money back guarantee.

For more about our 100% money back guarantee,  click here.

How long does the credit repair process take?

Generally the process takes anywhere from 3-6 months to complete the repair, but each case varies. Results can be seen as early as 30 days from the  first dispute filed. Your Bridge Credit Strategist will be able to give you a better idea once your credit audit is complete.

Is there anything I can do to boost my score while my credit is being repaired?

Aside from the actual repair which will naturally raise your score once negative items are removed, you can do a number of things to raise your score instantly. We offer several programs at no cost, which will organically build up your credit file. Once you are a Bridge Client, you will be introduced to these programs as part of our Financial Counseling Services.

I have current debt. Can I still repair my Credit?

Yes. There is a common misconception that debt must be paid off in order to remove a negative account from a report. This is simply not true. We can remove a negative item from your report even if it's reflecting legitimate debt. This does not mean you don't owe the money to the creditor.

What is Bridge Client Access?

Once you are a Bridge Client, you will enjoy 24/7 access to your own personal client portal. You will be able to upload all your personal documents securely, view your most recent reports, disputes, and track the progress from the start of your repair. Your client portal will provide a checklist of items we need from you in order to get started on your repair.

What documents will I need to upload in order to repair my credit?

The three main documents needed in order to submit a dispute are a Photo ID, (Drivers License, Passport, or any government issued ID) Social Security Card, and Proof of address. (Utility Bill, Cable/ Phone Bill, Bank Statement) We understand this can feel very invasive. Your privacy is our top priority. Your documents are protected on our secured server, and are never shared with anyone aside from the Credit Bureaus, and any furnishers related to the dispute. The Credit Bureaus will not process any dispute without these documents. A Bridge Credit Strategist can assist you with alternate methods if you don't feel comfortable uploading your documents through the client portal.

Does Bridge Credit Solutions offer Financial Counseling Services?

Yes. We offer free financial counseling for the duration of your credit repair. After the repair is complete, we can enroll you in our Financial Counseling Program. Our clients enjoy a monthly check-in with a Freedom Strategist who provide invaluable advice on how to maintain a healthy credit file, keep scores high, apply for strategic credit cards, loans, and more.

What is Bridge Credit Monitoring Services?

Bridge Credit Solutions is affiliated with Smart Credit, one of the top five credit monitoring companies in the country. We offer a comprehensive credit monitoring plan, which includes monthly up-to-date credit scores, as well as Identity Theft Prevention, Detection & Insurance. We offer this service to our clients even if credit repair is not needed. This service is also required if you are enrolled in our Financial Counseling Services.

For more on Bridge Credit Monitoring Services, click here.

How can I apply for 0% APR loans?

We offer 0% APR loans, as well as business loans to Bridge Clients who have repaired credit scores. A Bridge Loan Specialist can assist with you with this. Contact us for more information.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. Our company was founded on the principal of guaranteed work. Too many of our clients have come to us after having been charged non refundable fees with no end in sight, and no guarantee that items will be removed. Some success? Yes, but without knowing when or if. Other companies will offer a money back guarantee, only their offers are pointless. They will offer a 90-day money back guarantee, when in all likeliness it will take longer than 90 days to complete the credit repair.

Nothing is more frustrating than paying for a service and not seeing the expected results. While we can't guarantee the removal of an item, we can guarantee your money back. If you are enrolled in our Pay-Per-Delete program and we don't deliver the goods, you get a refund. Simple as that.

Why should I choose Bridge Credit Solutions over another Credit Repair Company?

We respectfully challenge you to find a Credit Repair Company willing to give your money back if they are not successful in removing your negative items. To put it in the simplest of terms:  You know what your getting and there's no risk.

Finally, we don't just stop with repairing your credit. Together we cross the bridge to your financial freedom, providing you with opportunities for loans, debt consolidation, and invaluable counseling to maintain and enjoy that newfound financial freedom.

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